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Dear Players,


Thank you for registering into the Pongshop December 7th Table Tennis Tournament.   It will be a very fun and exciting day with over 60 participants.  This email will take you through the details and schedule of the day, so you can make the most of your experience.


Please be prompt.  Check in at the tournament desk (on the stage) to receive your match slips.
9:00AM: Check-In for Advanced Singles, Recreational Singles

10:30AM: Check-In Open Doubles, Intermediate Doubles

12:30PM: Check-In Open Singles, Intermediate Singles

2:45PM: Check-In Advanced Doubles, Recreational Doubles

Other Rules & Notes: Please ONLY wear indoor shoes in the gym.  You may leave the outside shoes on the shoe rack in the hall (please note we cannot be responsible for lost/stolen items).  No food or drink in the gym please. There are also a few fast-food restaurants located close by. Soft drinks and water will be available to purchase. There is a boardroom down the hall that will be open during the day.  Please use it for eating and drinking.  The washrooms are located near the elevator and require an access code 2302* (to activate the code pad on the door press near the bottom left).  There is plenty of street parking along the adjacent streets north of Gladstone. Please do not use Gladstone Sport and Health Centre parking until noon.


9:10 AM Opening Ceremonies & Introductions

  • Tournament Emcee  Ian Kent, National Para Team Player multi-time pan-american gold medalist
  • Organizer, Promoter Steven Lambruschini
  • Referee Briant Won
  • Adidas Moments Coach & former Canadian Team Coach Marles Martins

9:15 AM “Table Tennis Tactics & Essential Tournament Advice”
Marles Martins will demonstrate “Table Tennis Tactics & Essential Tournament Advice” before the start of the morning events.  He will be talking with the aid of a loudspeaker so everyone will be able to hear easily.  Afterward, there will be a quick Q & A.  The events will start immediately after this presentation.


9:45 AM (immediately after the presentation): Advanced Singles, Recreational Singles
11 AM Open Doubles, Intermediate Doubles
1 PM Open Singles, Intermediate Singles
3 PM Advanced Doubles, Recreational Doubles



  • AWARDS Immediately after the finals of each category medals will be given to the winners.  For singles, the second place player also receives a medal. There are no prizes for third place. 
  • DRAW PRIZES There will be draw prizes throughout the day.  Receive your prize at the stage.
  • SIGN-UP SHEETS There will be sign-up sheets in the Pongshop for information on the Adidas Moments Coaching Program, the OTTA Never Too Old for Gold 55+ Program, and Ontario Table Tennis Membership.
  • DISCOUNTS ON RACKETS is offering very special pricing on rackets and a 5% discount on all products.  Please feel free to track me down if the Pongshop office is locked.
    We can accept Cash & Visa/Mastercard, No Debit (sorry). There is an ATM located at the Quickie down the street.


Singles Format
The format will be round robin 4 groups of 4.  The Open Category will play Best 3 out of 5.  All other categories play Best 2 out of 3.  The top 2 from each round robin go to the KO FINALS for their category.  The bottom 2 from each category go to the KO CONSOLATION for their category.


Doubles Format
A Single Round Robin between the teams registered in each category.   Only one team will be awarded medals for the doubles categories.

If you have any questions, please email



Thank you.

Steven Lambruschini
Pongshop Table Tennis
(613) 741-6030



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