Adidas Challenge Speed R6 Professional Racket

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Blade: Adidas Challenge Speed
Fore-/Backhand: Adidas R6 Rubber

Defining Characteristics: Offensive, Fast, Counter Top-spin
Handle: Flared/ Straight
Weight: 182 grams

The Adidas Challenge Speed blade is for modern top players who demand high levels of power and superb balance at the same time. The Challenge Speed is based on a classic 7-ply construction. The result is a thinner blade which maintains speed. The enhanced feeling and reduced weight are additional advantages of the thinner construction. Although the Challenge Speed is a very powerful blade, its stability and soft feeling on the surface make it very easy to use.

Flexible and dynamic with a profound sound when hitting the ball are the key characteristics of the Adidas R6 Rubber. Thanks to the newly developed sponge technology the R6 generates traction and vigour during active and offensive play at the same time offering superb control in intense situations. For competition players the R6 is a great choice on the backhand. Youngsters in particular often define their playing feeling over the sound of the rubber. For them, the Adidas R6 is tailor-made.

For offensive players who enjoy added control and a soft feeling on the rubber.