Adidas Synchro Classic Racket

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Blade: Adidas Synchro Unity
Fore-/Backhand: Adidas R-Classic 2.0

Defining Characteristics: Control, Ultra-Light
Handle: Choice of Flared or Straight
Weight: 154 grams

The adidas Synchro Unity blade offers maximum control for your game. Its very lightweight 5-ply construction has been optimized for a super soft feeling and control in all game situations. Recreational players who prefer responsive blades with the highest control abilities will love the Synchro Unity.

Adidas R-Classic rubber is an all-round classic rubber. The combination of the elastic sponge and top-sheet provides a top-level of control and moderate spin.

This racket provides optimal control and moderate spin for recreational players seeking tactical and versatile play, switching easily from offense to defense.