Joola Fever-Xplode Pro Racket

Joola Fever-Xplode Pro Racket

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Specialty: Offensive+
Weight: 166 grams
Blade: Joola Fever Blade Flared
Forehand/Backhand: Joola X-Plode & X-Plode Sensitive 2.0mm Rubber

The Joola Fever blade provides not only a large sweet spot, but also, perfect balance. The limba veneers allows you to feel the bounce of every ball, thus giving the blade extreme control.

The Joola Xplode rubber has the speed glue effect incorporated inside to produce an extreme catapult effect.  The catapult effect sends the ball to the opposite court with high speed and spin!

The pairing of the Joola Fever blade and Xplode rubber provides a quality racket for aggressive attacking shots that send the ball curling through the air!

Made in Germany.